Sleep medicine is a much diversified fields, which often involves consultations with one or more specialists in a field other than pulmonary/sleep medicine.

We have a referral relationship with several physicians in various specialties with a special interest in sleep medicine in order to provide comprehensive yet target treatment for your sleep disorder(s). These physicians also serve as consulting staff physicians for our sleep center.

These physicians provide consultation from their individual practices and have no financial relationship with Gwinnett Sleep or Gwinnett Pulmonary Group.

ENT Consultants

Sleep Disorders often involve other parts of the body including the ears, nose, and throat.

Our ENT Specialists:


Sleep disorders can also effect the human nervous system.


Research shows there is a strong link between psychiatric disorders and sleep disorders. It's vital to evaluate and address psychiatric conditions as they relate to sleep disorders because sleep interruptions or deprivation can exacerbate the symptoms of psychiatric conditions.

Dental Sleep Medicine

Sometimes some sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, can be treated with dental appliances. These appliances are custom made for you by a dental sleep medicine specialist.