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Trouble sleeping, staying asleep or breathing at night? Spending your days sleepy or tired, including during drive times? Is chronic snoring or restless legs affecting the rest of loved ones or roommates? You deserve sleep.

Gwinnett Sleep — founded in 2003 by Dr. Rajesh Jasani — has grown into the largest sleep disorder center in Gwinnett County, serving tens of thousands of Georgia residents north of Atlanta.

Our professional and caring sleep experts and staff employ state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and treatment options that meet the individual needs of each patient, preventing medical conditions that may cause other chronic diseases. You’re in good hands with our physicians — Fellows of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Sleep the difference.

On-site Sleep Studies
At Home SleepStudies
CPAP Setups

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone.

Sleep problems affect an estimated 70 million Americans — regardless of age, gender and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Here are some surprising ways sleep loss impacts your career and personal life:

  • Sleep deprivation decreases alertness, concentration, learning and problem solving.
  • Sleep loss can increase your hunger and appetite, leading to unwanted weight gain.
  • Losing sleep ages your skin, from dark circles under the eyes to the breakdown of skin.
  • Sleepiness can decrease sex drive.
  • Sleep loss can lead to automobile accidents
  • A lack of sleep contributes to symptoms of depression.
  • Chronic sleep disorders can increase your chances to suffer from a host of
    medical issues, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Contact our staff to start your
journey to a better quality of life.

How It Works: A Sleep Center for Your Needs

Gwinnett Sleep now offers the Inspire Program, a simple, new sleep apnea treatment that has amazing results. Dr. Jasani works closely with the Inspire Program to help heal those who suffer from sleeping disorders.


  • Sleep Consultation

  • Sleep Study

  • Home Sleep Testing

  • CPAP Clinic

  • Sleep Disorder Education

Sleep Consultation: Did You Know?

This is the first step to understanding the diagnosis and treatment of a range of sleep problems. The consultation may include a review of your medical history and a physical exam.

Sleep Study: Did You Know?

This non-invasive, overnight exam allows doctors to monitor your sleep to identify and gauge sleep problems; these include difficulty falling or staying asleep, irritability, lack of concentration, daytime fatigue and depression.

Home Sleep Testing: Did You Know?

CPAP Clinic: Did You Know?

CPAP is the most common and reliable method for treating moderate to severe sleep apnea. The CPAP machine delivers air pressure through a mask while you sleep.

Sleep Disorder Education: Did You Know?

Calculate all the restless and rough days and nights loved ones have endured because of your snoring, morning headaches, irritability and other sleep-deprived symptoms. If your answer equals more than three weeks, you may be suffering from a chronic sleep disorder.

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    Need a Pulmonologist?

    In some cases, we refer patients facing complex or unusual breathing issues to Gwinnett Pulmonary Group, the largest pulmonary group in Gwinnett County. The medical practice was founded in 1983.