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What is a home sleep study?

A home sleep study is similar to a traditional sleep study; however, it is done from the patient’s home without doctors present.

How do you get an at-home sleep study?

This type of study must be prescribed to a patient by a primary care or sleep physician. At Gwinnett Sleep, we make sure to offer the patient a tutorial on how to conduct the study at home, including how to attach the necessary equipment.


How long does a home sleep study take? The whole testing process can take 1-3 nights. After this, the results will be interpreted by a certified sleep physician, and they will be able to provide a diagnosis. 


How much does a home sleep study cost? The average cost for the test is typically around $1,000 to $2,000 per night, but insurance, including Medicare, may cover the majority of these expenses.


A home sleep test is specialized in diagnosing sleep apnea, whereas an in-lab test will give a more comprehensive picture of other chronic sleep conditions.

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